Somewhere West

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 Somewhere West (2011)Somewhere West Poster (State) copy 2

Official Selection: Austin Film Festival (2011)

WINNER: Best Feature Film – East Lansing Film Festival (2011)

WINNER: Best No Budget Feature – Vegas Independent Film Festival! (2011)

WINNER: Best Fiction Feature – Student Film Festival London (2012)

WINNER: Best Cinematography – Student Film Festival London (2012)

WINNER: Best Cinematography – Uptown Film Festival (2012)

WINNER: Silver Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival (2012)

WINNER: Narrative Feature Film Award – BolderLife Festival (2012)

WINNER: Audience Choice Award – BolderLife Festival (2012)

WINNER: Best Feature Film – World Music & Independent Film Festival (’12)

WINNER: Best Drama Film – World Music & Independent Film Festival (’12)

WINNER: Best Detroit Windsor Feature – Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (2012)

WINNER: Best Feature Film – Flint Film Festival (2012)

WINNER: Best Feature Film – Big Water Film Festival (2012)

WINNER: Reel Rose Revelation Award – John Paul II International Film Festival (2012)

RUNNER UP: Best Feature – Green Bay Film Festival (2012)

HONORABLE MENTION: Best Feature – Indie Gathering International Film Festival (2012)

NOMINATED: Best Cinematography – Hoboken International Film Festival (2012)

NOMINATED: Best Feature Film – Long Island International Film Expo (2012)

NOMINATED: Best Director – Long Island International Film Expo (2012)

Official Selection: Great Lakes International Film Festival (2012)

Official Selection: Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival (2012)


“Somewhere West” is a visually breathtaking road-film that explores the human spirit with emotional breadth and quiet subtlety. After battling a terminal illness, Ian decides to forgo treatment and head West in search of solitude and a beautiful place to spend his final days. However, despite his best efforts to isolate himself, Ian becomes the center of a makeshift family of kind-hearted characters who help him in the redemptive process of letting go, opening his heart and finally reaching his undetermined destination. “Somewhere West” is a journey of forgiveness and friendship that travels 3000 miles across some of the most revelatory landscapes in the US, including: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, The Badlands, Black Hills, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, The Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats.

Shot in 31 consecutive days while traveling 4982 miles in an RV with a cast of 4 and crew of 5, “Somewhere West” is a triumph of filmmaking ingenuity and collaboration. The Cast and Crew slept wherever they parked, ate and rehearsed while driving, showered in campgrounds and did laundry on the rare occasion they stopped in a town for supplies. Shot chronologically, the “Somewhere West” team lived the story of the film in real time, which is evident in the subtle and authentic performances, as well as the visual innovation of this unforgettable film. Winner of 8 Best Feature Film Awards, along with 6 other Awards, and 28 additional Nominations, “Somewhere West” has been invited to 18 Festivals in 3 countries … thus far!


“Touching, funny and quietly big-hearted, ‘Somewhere West’ is a beautifully crafted narrative.”
-Big Water Film Festival
“It’s everything indie film was supposed to be.  Low-budget, made from the heart, excellent story and acting, and something different!”
-Debra Markowitz, Director of the Long Island International Film Expo
“A great story, great acting, stirring cinematography and above and beyond all else a truly independent vision that will rock your heart and soul. I love this movie — no, it’s not a movie — it’s a film! Director David Marek creates one of the most haunting portraits of a man in search of his soul on a journey during his last days on terra firma.”
-Charles Cirgenski,  Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker
“The heart-breaking film remained honest and raw through its entirety …”
-Hayley Samuelson, Elephant Journal
“I was lost in the film immediately. I luxuriated spending time in that world … It’s quiet in a noisy time. It’s big talk in a time of small talk … When Dave’s film ends, he was after something bigger than the story. He was after the big Picture.”
-World Renowned Filmmaker and Artist, Phil Solomon.
“Beautiful and brooding … The timelessly still, open landscapes provide the perfect juxtaposition
for the character’s story”
-James Hocking, Gorilla Film Magazine


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One response to “Somewhere West

  • Rich Bloom

    Hey David,
    We really enjoyed your film and it was great to meet you as well. For a low budget indie with a short shooting schedule, you gave us a meaningful story with real characters we all could care about. We went to see “Tree of Life” on Sat. and I could see the Malick references. Good luck with the project.

    Rich Bloom
    The Bramblemen

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