Grover, Colorado



Grover, Colorado (2008)

Grover, Colorado is a short piece that explores the landscape and environment of a small town in Northern Colorado”s Pawnee National Grasslands. It attempts to blend two perspectives in the hope of capturing an outsider’s portrait. One perspective is from the place of “that which passes through.” This is the perspective of the countless folks (myself included) who drive through Grover and only experience it through the window of a car. Consequently, the length of the film is time it took to slowly drive through Grover, then turn around and drive out. The second perspective is from a place of “that which stays.” These shots are all static as are most of the subjects of the shots themselves. I have superimposed the two perspectives on top of each other in the hope of creating some insight and understanding between the two and perhaps the people who embody them.


One response to “Grover, Colorado

  • John B. Crane

    Hello David, I found your Grover piece this morning and just wanted to say well done. I was in Grover yesterday, photographing. I’d done no research and had no idea about the town – other than it was north of Briggsdale just a bit. Your video piece did a nice job of capturing a high-plains flavor of Grover that I can verify, still exists today – 5 years after the date of this piece. Superimposing the enter with the exit works well and creates some interesting, complex texture to a very simple town. Keep up the good work. – John B. Crane

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