Snow Petals



Snow Petals (2005)

Snow Petals uses a unique narrative structure to tell the story of two star crossed soul mates. Alicia and Edward have come to realize they are two halves of the same soul, but are separated by age and Edward’s growing memory loss. However, Alicia has a dream that inspires Edward to take action in an attempt to unite their souls by fording the river between life and death. The film is presented in a split screen where one timeline plays against itself like a candle being burned at both ends. Shot in Northern Michigan, Snow Petals presents nature as a character as well as a setting and is supported by an original and haunting score. Snow Petals is an unforgettable film for the spiritually minded. Shot on 16mm film, this experimental narrative received the Coggen/Gougler Award as well as the Grillo Award from the University of Colorado and took Best Student Film at the 2004 Crested Butte Reel Fest.  Snow Petals was also an official selection at AllFest (’04), Boulder Fringe Festival (05), Durango Independent Film Festival (’06), East Lansing Film Festival (’06) and the Eugene Film Festival (’06).


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