Quarent, (2008)

Quarent is a meditation on language, divination and a technological society whose means and ends have long outstripped its needs. Partially inspired by Plato’s cave this haunting piece seems to crawl and claw its way out of a dark corner only to find light enough to witness an abject space inhabited by abandoned angels, bound to a ritual as bearers of arcane meaning. “Quarent” (a term derived from the divination practice of Tarot, and refers to the person seeking information) is interested in the development of meaning through the interpretation of images and attempts to expose how fragile the foundation of language and communication can be. Shot in infrared video, Quarent investigates the peculiar light and sense of time found in our darker and more frightening dreams. There is a sense of the post-apocalyptic in the emptied industrial setting, yet the rich sound track alludes to a machine world that seems to limp onward with no obvious sign of purpose nor result of its industry. In a time of unprecedented experimentation with technology and biology, Quarent reminds us that even though we can, perhaps the better question is, should we?


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