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Topics in Avant-Garde Film                   (Fall 2014)                                         University of Michigan

  • Historical and theoretical studies of topics in avant-garde film and video. The class examines the cultural contexts of the firms as well as their formal innovations.

Documentary I                              (Fall 2014, Winter 2015)                             University of Michigan

  • A video production class that introduces the theoretical, aesthetic and technical principles of documentary filmmaking, including storytelling, camera, sound and editing techniques.

Introduction to Media Production (Fall 2014, Winter 2015)                         University of Michigan

  • A hands-on survey in media production introducing strategies and techniques in television, digital video, and film production and post-production.

Summer Director of Motion Picture Arts Department (2013, ’14, ’15)                Interlochen Arts Camp

  • Department Director & Instructor of 3 classes focusing on Digital Filmmaking as well as planning and operation of the department, including student productions and screenings.

Negotiating Rapture                                (Spring 2013)                                       Interlochen Arts Academy

  • Historical and theoretical exploration of a transcendental style in cinema. Using Paul Schader’s book “Transcendental Style in Film” as a starting point, students research and discuss films by Dryer, Bresson, Ozu, Brakhage, Tarkovsky and Malick among others.

Cinematography & Camera Movement           (Fall 2012)                                 Interlochen Arts Academy

  • Video production class focused on developing a basic understanding of cinematography with a focus on the theoretical, aesthetic and technical uses of moving the camera.

Guest Lecture on Cinema and Landscape (Fall ‘09, Spring ‘10)           University of Colorado

  • Presentation and in-class lecture on cinema and Sacred Landscape as metaphor.

Landscape Architecture: Landscape and Film – CU Denver – Instructor, Joern Langhorst.

The Construction of Urban Landscape – CU Boulder – Instructor, Austin Allen.

Intro to Cinematography                        (Spring 2009 & ‘10)                  University of Colorado

  • Introduces 16mm film production techniques and aesthetics connected with basic principles of cinematography, lighting and audio recording.

Cinema Production I                               (Fall 2009)                            University of Colorado

  • Course focusing on the strategies of independent cinema production, and explores a range of film and digital technologies.

Beginning Filmmaking                           (Fall 2008 & ‘09)                  University of Colorado

  • Course focusing on Super-8mm film production and editing equipment and techniques, along with analysis of pertinent films and in-class critique.

Film History 2                                          (Fall 2008)                             University of Colorado

  • Recitation Instructor and Teaching Assistant – Intensive introduction to film history from late 1930’s to present. Instructor – Jennifer Peterson

Film History 1                                          (Spring 2007)                        University of Colorado

  • Recitation Instructor and Teaching Assistant – Intensive introduction to film history from 1895 to 1935. Instructor – Jennifer Peterson

Introduction to Film Studies         (Fall ‘06 -’08 & Spring ’07)         University of Colorado

  • Recitation Instructor and Teaching Assistant – Introduces the critical study of film, exploring basic theory and genres. Instructor Ernesto Acevedo-Munoz


Professional Film Experience________________________________________

Division (2015) Feature HD Video                         1st Assistant Director                       Director Cat Muncey

• Bert & Jenny (2015) HD Video                                1st Assistant Director       Dir. Andy Hiss

• Chairman of Film and New Media Program Advisory Committee (10/13 – 10/14) Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District – Career Tech Center

• TreeFort Collective – (5/12 – Present)                    Founding Partner, Producer, Director, Editor, Writer.

Our Story (2012) HD Video                                     Director of Photography/Editor   Director: Matthew Dayton

• FishSoup Films – (7/11 – 5/12)                                  Producer, Writer, Camera Operator, Editor.

The Symphonic House (2012) HD Video               Lead Editor                                       Director: Pete Erickson

• Independent Contractor, Film and Video

  • Flight Path Creative – (12/10 – Present) –Video Production, Editing & Graphics
  • Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC – (8/11 – Present) – Video Production, Editing

• Traverse City Lip Dub (2011)  HD Video              Producer/ 1st Assistant Dir.            Director: Max Fisher

Lilith (2010) HD Video                                              1st Assistant Camera/Gaffer           Director: Erin Kelly

Document (2009) Video                                            1st Assistant Dir. (re-shoot)            Director: Michael Brody

The Interventionist (2009) HD Video                    Camera Operator                              Director: Patrick Selvage

Rose Hill Drive Music Video (2008) HD Video   1st Assistant Director                        Director: Mendel Rabinavitch

Generosity (2008) Video                                          1st Assistant Dir. (re-shoot)             Director: Ray Keller

Fever (2007) HD Video                                             Supporting Actor                               Director: Adam Benn

Charo and the Chocolate Factory (2007) Video – Cinematographer/Editor               Director: Mendel Rabinavitch

Drift (2006) 16mm                                                     1st Assistant Director                        Director: Alicia Garcia

Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Show (2005) Video – Cinematographer/Editor     Director: Mendel Rabinavitch

Kind of a Blur (2005) Video                                     1st Assistant Director                        Director: Jon Goldman

Where We Are In Relation To Ourselves (2004) Video -Cinematographer                Director: Louis Schmidt

Kirby’s Pieces (2004) 16mm                                     1st Assistant Director                        Director: Rhune Kincaid

2 : 1 (2003) Video                                                        Writer/Cinematographer                Director: Jim Hill

Thanisphere (2003) 16mm                                       1st Assistant Director                        Director: Adam Benn

Blanket (2003) 16mm                                                1st Assistant Director                        Director: Patrick Selvage

Begin Again (2003) 16mm                                       1st Assistant Director                        Director: Aaron Warzynski

9 to Life (2003) 16mm                                               Key Grip                                              Director: Adam Renehan

Bob Got Psychic (2003) 16mm                                1st Assistant Camera                         Director: Dan Urrutia

Grace Like Gravity (‘03) 16mm                              1st Assistant Director                        Director: Mike Anderson

Ghost Limb (2003) 16mm                                        Gaffer                                                   Director: Pete Giokas

Graffiti Artist (2002) 16mm                                    1st Assistant Director                        Director: Gavin McGlynn

Sneak Attack (2002) 16mm                                     1st Assistant Director                        Director: Luke Bartel

The Toll (2002) 16mm Film                                     1st Assistant Director                        Director: Jan Pfenninger

• 1st Assistant at the “Kage” (CU Film Studies Equipment Rental House) (2003 – ’04);

  • Responsibilities required a working knowledge and maintenance of all camera, sound, grip and gaff equipment as well as rental and ordering of film/expendables.


Creative Work______________________________________________________

• Thaw of the Dead (2014) HD Feature                     Script/Producer/Director/Editor

Got You On My Mind (2013) HD Music Video                  Concept/Director/Editor

Light and Darkness (2013) HD Video Short                      Concept/Effects/Editor

Song To Cinema (2012) HD Video Short                           Concept/Director/Editor

State Theatre Colorbook (2012) Animation                      Concept/Effects/Co-Director

Found Episodes 1-4 (2011) HD Video Webisodes             Director/Narrative Editor

Somewhere West (2011) HD Video Feature                       Writer/Producer/Director/Editor

  • Recipient of The Gambill Family Endowment and The J.R. Hopes Grant (2009)
  • Winner – 8 Best Feature Film Awards – East Lansing Film Festival (2011) -Vegas Independent Film Festival (2011) – Student Film Festival London (2012) – Detroit Windsor International Film Festival (2012) – World Music and Independent Film Festival (2012) – BolderLife Festival (2012)
  • Winner – 2 Best Cinematography Awards- Student Film Festival London (2012) – Uptown Film Festival (2012)
  • Winner – Best Drama – World Music and Independent Film Festival (2012)
  • Winner – Audience Choice Award – BolderLife Festival (2012)
  • Winner – Silver Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival (2012)
  • Winner – Reel Rose Revelation Award – John Paul II International Film Festival (2012)
  • Nominations – 27 additional Nominations
  • Official Selections – 18 Festivals in 3 countries

Sleeping River (Video Short)  (2009)                                 Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

  • Official Selection – Returning to Light @ Insideout Gallery (5/09) -Muskegon Film Festival (2009) – Long Island International Film Expo (2009) – Queens International Film Festival (2009) – Red Rocks Film Festival (2010) – The Traverse City Shorts Festival (2011)

Landscape 1 (2009) Video Short                                         Concept/Animation/Effects/Editor

Grover, Colorado (2009) Video Short                               Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

 Seventeen Aspen (2008) Video Short                               Co-Writer/Director/Cinematographer

Finding Grover (2008) Video Short                                   Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

A Gentle Wake from Poison (2007) 16mm Short            Writer/Director/Effects/Editor

Snow Petals (2005) 16mm Short                                        Writer/Director/2nd Unit Camera/Editor

  • Winner – Grillo Award, University of Colorado – Coggen/Gougler Award – University of Colorado – Best Student Film, Crested Butte Reelfest (2004)
  • Official Selection  – AllFest (2004) – Boulder Fringe Festival (2005) – Durango Independent Film Festival (2006) – East Lansing Film Festival (2006) – Eugene Film Festival (2006) – Films for Farms (2010)

Judson’s Ladder (2002) Video Short                                  Writer/Director/Editor

Kino Oki (2001) 16mm Short                                                Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

  • Winner – Goldfarb Award, University of Colorado

Through Stone, Fire & Fog (2000) Super-8 Short           Writer/Director/DP/Editor

  • Winner – Goldfarb Award, University of Colorado

Road Side (2000) Super-8 Short                                         Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Fall (1997) Full-length Play                                                   Writer/Producer/Performer



M. F. A. (Film Production) – University of Colorado, Boulder (2009)

  • Recipient of – The Gambill Family Endowment / *Recipient of – The J.R. Hopes Grant

B. F. A. (Film Production) – University of Colorado, Boulder (2004) /

  • Recipient of – Goldfarb Award (2000 & 2001) / *Recipient of – Grillo Award (2004) / *Recipient of – Coggen/Gougler Award (2004)

Dual B. A. (Creative Writing/Film Critical Studies) – University of Colorado, Boulder (2004)

Associates of Arts (English) – Northwestern Michigan College (1995)

  • Recipient of English Student of the Year Award (1995)


References available upon request.

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