Got You On My Mind – Music Video

“Got You on My Mind” – Music Video (2012)

This is a music video I Directed and Edited for Northern Michigan singer/songwriter Angela Josephine. Here is a description from a local rag: “‘Got You on My Mind’ is the first single from her EP, Stone Bright Solid – Volume 1.  The video was shot locally at Wilson Antiques Downtown, which provided a glittering and delicate canvas for this stunning production by The Treefort Collective.  Vintage 8mm movie footage of Angela’s family is projected onto surfaces throughout the shop and reflected images draw you into sublime and nostalgic moments.  Treefort director David Marek says, ‘We tried to use reflections, the wealth of beautiful old glass and projection to obscure our subjects and create layered images that visually represented the idea of memory, things past and how ephemeral and fragile those cherished thoughts are.’  Angela comments, ‘The project is very meaningful to me on a personal level, yet my hope is that the video is universal.  It’s a love song to our legacies.’ The two-day shoot was made possible thanks to the generosity of Wilson Antiques and volunteer help from some great Northern Michigan talent including guest musicians, The Accidentals.”



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