Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness (2012)

This is a short film I created as part of a live performance of Eric Whitacre’s Luxe Arumque by the Interlochen Arts Academy Band in the Fall semester of 2012 while I was the Filmmaker in Residence there. The band secretly filed into the side balconies in Corson Auditorium and performed the piece without a conductor and with only the light from the film reflecting off the screen. It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had as a filmmaker and there is just no way to replicate the experience of live music accompanying your film. The film was part of a wonderful interdisciplinary performance masterminded by Band Conductor Matthew Schlomer, with all the various performances based on the theme of – Light and Darkness. Much of this footage is taken from “Somewhere West” which was shot by Adam Benn and features the amazing actors Barrett Ogden and Judson Webb



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